Who we are

Founded in Melbourne, Lighting Spaces is an award-winning lighting consultancy and supplier, partnering with progressive design agencies, creative studios and manufacturers to provide lighting solutions that bring completeness to their vision.

Our approach harnesses our technical knowledge and deep appreciation of lighting and innovation to make design inspiring and beautiful to see, touch and feel. We interplay the science and beauty of light to create purpose and meaning to environments that honours people, design, creativity, thought, innovation, function and productivity. This extends to the environment, culture and positive impact on community.


Our mission

We are a full-service lighting consultancy partnering with design agencies, creative studios and manufacturers to provide lighting solutions that bring completeness to their vision.


— To articulate light in all it's shapes, beauty and forms.

— Solve the illumination needs for designers and end-users.

— Create purposeful, mindful and productive environments.

— Sell the bandwidth for one's state of mind, to focus, create and perform.

— Provide a respectful approach to the environment, community, culture and people.

Our services

Project Managment, Design and Consult

— We oversee light modelling, light design and conceptual engineering.

— Customisation.

— Bespoke made-to-order light fittings, designed and fabricated in Australia. We customise lighting to suit any application.


Post Commission Audits

— We offer problem solving and troubleshooting services to resolve many different issues. We also provide on-site support and assist our clients in finding cost effective solutions.


Delivery & Installation

— Our network of certified electricians and installers can install onsite any of our products and provide certificates of electrical safety for work completed.


Joshua Lee

Joshua has almost a decade of experience in the lighting industry and is passionate about the art and science that is lighting. He is an avid believer that lighting makes the difference between an average design, and a spectacular design.

An innovative thinker, Joshua co-developed Shelflyne, which allows solderless, quick and easy installation of linear luminaires into shelving for the home or retail environment. Within Lighting Spaces, he loves to get hands-on during installations and this practical experience has helped him develop an in depth understanding of LED lighting. The most enjoyable projects to Joshua are ones involving a custom or bespoke lighting element as they help to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with light.

Philip Chuo

Philip comes from an engineering background which leads to a meticulous and detail-oriented approach to lighting. He has a keen eye for lighting technology, its applications and is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest innovations.

Philip’s ethos is that it is not enough to just light a space, lighting design incorporates unique lighting elements, applied properly and effectively, and seamlessly integrated amongst the entire space. Philip is a people person and is most comfortable socialising and networking with people of all backgrounds. It is the unique projects with a lighting element incorporating a new lighting technology which excite Philip the most.