About Us


At Lighting Spaces

We’re designers and specifiers. Alongside our creative team, we partner with progressive design agencies and creative studios to provide lighting solutions that highlight the interplay between science and the beauty of light.

What we do

We design our own range of LS lighting products, that are versatile and distinct, ready to feature in your next project. We also partner with award-winning designers to bring you variety and access to diverse local designers. In addition to our curated products, we can also provide bespoke lighting solutions to fulfil your illumination dreams.

Our background

Founded in Melbourne, Lighting Spaces is an award-winning lighting designer, consultancy and supplier. Initially started as a project management and procurement consultancy, Lighting Spaces is now a full service lighting studio partnering with designer brands and manufacturers to provide lighting solutions that bring completeness to your vision. At Lighting Spaces, we approach each project with a deep appreciation of lighting and innovation, harnessing our technical knowledge and to embody and showcase light in all its forms, enhancing its environments and elevating the space that it illuminates.

Commercial Partners