Melbourne, VIC

Dexus Atrium | Shorelines, apostles, and lyrebirds: a celebration of Australian symbolism.

A breath of fresh air in Naarm

  • Responsibilities: Light Specification, Procurement
  • Study:
  • The multi-tier atrium terrace in Dexus Atrium was designed to emulate the spirit of Australia, with its unique shapes and curves throughout requiring a flexible, contemporary light source. The Neon Pro T1617 and Neon Pro S1617 were selected for these reasons, alongside the guarantee to deliver outstanding brilliance throughout the space.
  • The terrace roof was fitted with a mix of Neon Pro T1617 and S1617, with its goal being to celebrate Australia’s global reputation as the land down under. The lighting solution was installed to catch the eye of passers-by and encourage them to explore each symbolic tier, from the iconic beach formations up at the top to the guided forest realm down below.
  • Australia’s beaches are truly one of a kind, taking the main stage of the atrium terrace. The Neon Pro was applied strategically, following the rippling curves to accentuate their representation of the shorelines, the white sands, and the awe-inspiring apostles. With the light source focused centrally, it created a gradient shadow effect on each towering apostle to highlight its dominance over the landscape.
  • The final chapter of this project design story revolved around Australian forest life, honouring the native fauna and flora that make it unique. The Neon Pro was installed to follow the undulations of each floor segment, casting magnificent bright-white radiance upon the trees above and the elaborate superb lyrebirds underneath.
  • It might not be every day you come across a commercial space inspired by Australia symbolism, but we hope it will be soon…
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