Melbourne, VIC

Farmer's Daughters | Premium lighting for a premium Melbourne dining spot.

Our lighting products illuminate every focal point of the venue for the ultimate Farmer’s Daughters dining experience!

  • Responsibilities: Light Specification, Procurement
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  • Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD is Farmer’s Daughters, a three-storey restaurant with a rooftop bar – a popular favourite among locals and tourists alike.
  • The venue is proudly Australian, serving local fresh produce cooked by chef Alejandro Saravia and his team. Lighting Spaces was approached to recommend and install products that would enhance the warm, inviting ambience – without stealing the limelight from Alejandro’s famous dishes.
  • The key to this project was ‘discretion’. We settled on subtle modern lighting products that would complement the main interior components of raw finished timber, eucalyptus green, and bronze finishes. Our team made sure to accentuate each centrepiece of the venue, particularly the multiple bar areas, the staircases supporting diners from floor to floor, and the nature-inspired greenery on the terrace.
  • We installed the Lyne Micro 9.6 throughout, with the 3.5mm-wide LED strip lights illuminating even the smallest nooks within the venue. Housed within our M0809, its used to attract focus towards the perfect blend of soft and harsher-edged features.
  • The Lighting Spaces team also fitted Rea Wall Up Down 60 downlights in antique copper to establish table zones, create layered lighting schemes, and balance out the bronze interior finishes. Every downlight was measured and tailored to a certain width and length, in line with the specific installation wall.
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