Melbourne, VIC

Victoria by Farmer's Daughters | Celebrating the best of Victoria with a returning client.

An exceptional location to dine, with an alluring atmosphere that makes everyone feel welcome.

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  • Those familiar with Melbourne CBD’s top culinary spots are probably aware of Farmer’s Daughters, a popular restaurant and bar led by chef Alejandro Saravia. Following the success of his first venue, Alejandro and his team recently transformed the Yarra Building in Fed Square, relaunching it as a three-storey restaurant and rooftop bar called Victoria by Farmer’s Daughters.
  • Having collaborated previously for the original Farmer’s Daughters venue, Lighting Spaces was approached to replicate a similarly inviting atmosphere at Alejandro’s newest venue. The intention was to procure and install modern lighting solutions that would enhance the ambience, treating diners to the ultimate culinary experience of Australia’s finest fresh produce.
  • With the venue’s mantra of ‘celebrating the produce, people and places of Victoria’ at the back of our minds, we fitted a selection of the finest lighting products. These included the Modo Spot Two S110, a sleek recessed spotlight creating a warm mood and aesthetic shadowing. It acted as general lighting radiating from the ceiling, alongside a dramatic effect on the dark shelving units. We also mapped out and installed Lyne Standard 9.6, housed in our S1808 profile, throughout the various table zones to generate a pleasant setting for seated diners.
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