Melbourne, VIC

Findex Melbourne | The pursuit of luxury, from home to work.

Open communication lines during this project paid off, the result being a warm and inviting workspace where professional development flourishes.

  • Responsibilities: Collaboration, Light Specification, Procurement, Bespoke Design
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  • Employers throughout Australia are hopping on the trend of opulent workspaces – a collaborative environment in which team productivity thrives and colleagues look forward to coming to regularly. One of these employers is a Melbourne branch of Findex, specialising in financial and advisory services for clients across Australia.
  • The Findex project designer requested our involvement in the specification and procurement of modern lighting solutions for this new, sleek workspace. We had a complex yet exciting challenge ahead, as most lighting features – from those in the break room to the co-working zones – needed to be custom-made. Working closely with the designer on this matter was crucial to guarantee on-time delivery in preparation for the office re-opening to staff members.
  • Our team sourced and installed the Spek Dot 40 in various locations, including the lobby area (which created an attractive wall-shadow effect). The Spek Dot 40 was also fitted in the ceiling leading to meeting rooms, guiding employees in a pleasant and approachable way.
  • Alongside the Spek Dot 40, we installed the Lyne Standard 9.6 and S1813 profile throughout – one of the prime examples being in the meeting rooms. As each room gave the option of privacy, demonstrated by the floor-to-ceiling curtains, they offered a cosy light source. The main advantage of using these two LED strip lights was their micro size, accentuating the curves of each bespoke feature without drawing excessive attention.
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