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Founded in Melbourne, Lighting Spaces is an award-winning lighting consultancy and supplier, partnering with progressive design agencies, creative studios and manufacturers to provide lighting solutions that bring completeness to their vision.

Our approach harnesses our technical knowledge and deep appreciation of lighting and innovation to make design inspiring and beautiful to see, touch and feel. We interplay the science and beauty of light to create purpose and meaning to environments that honours people, design, creativity, thought, innovation, function and productivity. This extends to the environment, culture and positive impact on community.



As a full-service consultancy for design agencies, creative studios and manufacturers, we can articulate light in all its shapes, beauty and forms.



Solving the illumination needs of designers and end-users, we create purposeful, mindful and productive environments that set the bandwidth for one’s state of mind to focus, create and perform.



We deliver solutions that are inspiring and beautiful, while providing a respectful approach to the environment, the community, cultures and people.

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