New Product

Sai Tracklight Series

Introducing our newest line of premium tracklights, Sai. Powerful, versatile and tiny.

Newest Project

Dexus Atrium

Shorelines, apostles, and lyrebirds: a celebration of Australian symbolism.

Our newest corporate project

Findex Melbourne

The pursuit of luxury, from home to work.

New Range

Feyz Luminaires

No matter the space, our new multi faceted linear luminaires is the perfect solution for your needs.

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Design a luminaire for your specific lighting needs.

When you’re faced with a difficult lighting challenge, you need a premium product that’s tailored for your situation. Our product configuration tools simplify the process, giving you unlimited luminaire solutions. We make it easy to mix and match lights, electronic control gear and accessories to create the ideal luminaire, regardless of the shape or size of your project.

Keep your favourite luminaires on file.

We all have preferred luminaire configurations we like to specify, so we let you bookmark them for fast, easy access. Plus, you can save your progress on unfinished light schedules and come back to them when you’re ready. Bookmarking streamlines the navigating and specifying process.

Specify and export luminaire datasheets with ease.

You and your organisation have your own workflow regarding lighting specification — and we get that completely. To simplify specification and scheduling, we enable you to export your datasheet as a PDF to be emailed, making it easier than ever to generate your luminaire schedules.

Contact us

We take pride in making ourselves available to you. Should you have any questions about our luminaires or would to talk through a project with one of our highly experienced designers, just reach out. You have a vision for your lighting, and we can’t wait to help you see it through.

The Ame collection looks great and is built to stand up to the toughest conditions. Fully waterproof and sturdy in design, these outdoor lights can take whatever the public or the weather gives them. There’s simply no better option for lighting architectural facades.

Ideal for both offices and commercial floor plans, the Feyz collection was designed with versatility in mind. Its roster of multifaceted linear luminaires can solve your lighting needs regardless of the type of space. And while its architectural style is supposed to catch eyes, it delivers comfort to everyone’s vision.

The Modo collection is where function and fashion come together. This modern downlight series can work within any space to meet — and exceed — your luminaire requirements, regardless of the space’s purpose. Plus, it’s anti-glare feature is always easy on the eyes.

The Loor collection takes versatility to the next level. With its comprehensive list of options, these magnetic track lights open up a world of lighting possibilities. Small in size with clean lines, you get a stylish, modern look that can be suspended, recessed or surface mounted. No matter where you need your lights, we have the right track and luminaire for it.

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