Melbourne, VIC

420 St Kilda Rd

A bright, modern lobby that is sure to entice – day or night.

  • Responsibilities: Consult, Light Specification, Procurement
  • Study: 420 St Kilda Road in Melbourne requested lighting solutions that would highlight the architectural features of the lobby.
  • To enhance the look of this modern space, the team assembled bespoke curved linear lights that conformed precisely to the curves of the walls and illuminated their timber features.
    The mixed-use of linear uplighting and downlighting provided general illumination and showcased different aspects across the lobby; this includes the extensive window panelling, natural elements, and ultra-modern furniture.
  • In addition, lighting was stationed behind the mirror near the lifts to enhance the envisioned size of the space. One of the team’s most memorable parts of the project was installing unique lighting features on the ceiling, with the multi-texture, multi-level ‘waves’ contributing a certain uniqueness to the space.
    The sleek, sophisticated, and modern lobby is guaranteed to catch the eye of and instil a sense of intrigue among passers-by – no matter the day or time.