Glen Waverley, VIC

Asian Grocer

A modern twist to a grocery retail space.

  • Responsibilities: Consult, Light Specification, Procurement
  • Study:Melbourne-based Asian Grocer requested a fresh take on Asian grocery shop aesthetics.
  • Rather than the typical fluorescent-lit grocery shops, the project’s Architect adopted a modern take to offer a different experience that could be enjoyed by both customers and employees alike.
  • Linear luminaires and surface-mounted downlights with High CRI were used, providing pools of illumination and vividness to showcase the various product areas around the shop. In addition, the lighting fixtures were mounted with the intention of complementing the shop’s high ceilings, wooden accents, and mahjong tiled counters.
  • An immensely successful project, the grocery shop now benefits from a spacious, modern, and refreshed aesthetic.