Act Of Wine

A lustrous bespoke feature that pairs well with a red or white.

  • Responsibilities: Consult, Supply, Install, Bespoke Design
  • Study:Act of Wine, a brand-new wine shop in Southbank, Victoria, desired a bespoke feature to accentuate its wide selection of top-quality, organic wines. Not only did the retail space have the potential for a unique lighting feature, but it could also greatly benefit from showcasing particular features to catch the attention of and leave a lasting impression among customers.
  • In response, the team produced a custom ring light with LED spotlights for the centre of the shop, to illuminate the various wines on display.
  • To enhance the ambient effect of the ceiling’s bespoke ring light, LED strip lights were installed. These were placed in the wine display joinery, serving as a backwash to strategically cast light on the products featured on the shelves and implicitly draw attention to the unlit shelves above and below.
  • LED strip lights were also fitted to the countertop, to complement the luminous shelves and offer outward radiance to the surrounding concrete floor space. The brightly lit countertop feature boasts an authentic contrast to the black metal wine racks and sleek wooden panels, shelves and displays located throughout the shop.
  • The mounting of a bespoke ring light, LED spotlights and strip lights has created an ambient, sophisticated retail space perfectly balanced by focal points of illumination and more subdued undertones.
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