Melbourne, VIC


Escaping the CBD for an exclusive taste of Indonesia.

  • Responsibilities: Consult, Light Specification, Procurement
  • Study:Indonesian restaurant Makan requested lighting features that would enhance its image as a suave, discreet dining experience tucked away within Melbourne’s bustling CBD.
    Due to inevitable programming and controller complexities, everything required mapping out before installation. This extensive planning ensured a smooth fitting process from start to finish.
    The team installed the latest multicolour linear lighting technology: high-density RGB multicolour strip with a dedicated ‘warm white’ chip (as traditional RGB chips alone cannot replicate the pleasant warm white required for the task at hand).
    Makan also benefitted from custom wall lights, adding depth to the restaurant space as a visually pleasing yet functional fixture.
    The installation of multicolour linear lighting and custom wall lights have created a swanky, inviting place for CBD workers and visitors alike to dine in.
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